Our Projects

United Special Technical Services (USTS) installed more and 15,000 Km of Tite Liner Systems across GCC in North Africa since 1995.

  • 42” Diameter, 37 KM’s in Total with multiple sections
  • The biggest liner pipe ever produced in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Longest single section of this diameter ever pulled globally
  • Fast track Sea Water Injection Project
  • Complex project with Multiple sections.
  • Long Sections (> 100M ), Short Spools, Fittings such as Elbows, Tees etc.
  • Sizes ranging from 4-24’
  • Multiple solutions for an end-to-end corrosion protection.
  • Reinforcing the confidence of Thermoplastic Lining System in KOC.
  • Continuing Deployment of proven Titeliner® Technology.
  • Water Injection flowlines of #2500 Flange rating with Temperatures up to 70° C
  • Material used –HDPE PE-100
  • Test Pressure – up to 520 bar

Here is the list of the milestone projects.

2022 USTS complete first large diameter (24”) Polyethylene Raised temperature liner project in Oman
USTS surpasses 1200 + KM of successful completions of 6inch HDPE Tite Lining for Water injector flowlines at KOC South & East Field
2021 USTS surpasses 2000no spools rotationally lined for various Customers throughout the GCC.
2020 USTS completes the largest diameter Tite Liner® (42”) Project to be done in the Middle East, project located in Saudi Arabia.
2019 USTS inaugurates the largest Rotational Lining Facility in the Region, located in Al Khobar Saudi Arabia.
2018 USTS Completes WeldTiteTM Flangeless connector project in Saudi Arabia.
2017 USTS completes BP Khazzan Tite Liner project in Oman.
2016 USTS completes Tite Liner project for In Salah Gas in Algeria.
2015 USTS completes highest ever pressure Tite Liner® project in Kuwait. 150 km pipeline network for 7,500 psi Effluent Water Injection with ANSI 2500 connections. Tested at 528 bar / 7,668 psi.
2014 USTS completes the Wara Pressure Maintenance project in Kuwait, which at over 400 km is the largest HDPE liner project to date in the region for CS pipeline to 6″ to 36″
2013 USTS completes longest ever compression fit liner installation in Qatar 24”x 2.5 km. Single section offshore produced water pipeline.
2012-2013 Tite Liner® 6″ & 10″x 30 km for New Booster Station BS 132 & Enhancements to BS – 131, Kuwait Oil Company, 2012-2013
2011-2012 Free standing HDPE pipe 12” and 20” x 50 km, Tatweer Petroleum, Bahrain, 2011-2012
2007-2015 Tite Liner® 4”x 800 km for various flowlines, Occidental of Oman, 2007-2015
2010-2011 HDPE lining of 40” x 1.7 km for Replacement of NRPS Main Ring Header, PDO, Oman, 2010-2011
1995 HDPE lining & Rotolining of fittings of 2” to 40” x 2500 km for various PDO, Oman projects, Since 1995
1998 HDPE pond lining x 350,000 square meters for various projects since 1998. Oman, Qatar, Bahrain