PreFIT™ Tite Liner® system

USTS is pleased to announce the PreFIT™ Tite Liner® system, a new product offering of pre-lined pipe with a range of supporting end connectors. This system utilizes thermoplastic lining inside a steel pipe, effectively combining the strength of steel with the corrosion, chemical and abrasion resistance of thermoplastic.

The PreFIT™ Tite Liner® pipes are factory lined in a controlled environment and are ready to be deployed in the field for immediate use on a project basis or stocked for use as needed. End connections are available as both couplers and flanges. Mechanical interference fit (MIF) connections are coming soon.

The benefits of the PreFIT™ Tite Liner® system include overall project cost savings through a stackable pipe solution that puts the control of the project schedule in your hands with the assurance of installing a high-quality, thermoplastic lined pipe solution.

Key Advantages of PreFIT™ Tite Liner® System.

  • Lean construction allows customers to do more with a smaller footprint for equipment and workforce
  • Installations can be completed quickly and easily with your existing crew—no additional contractors or specialty skilled labor required
  • Stock PreFIT™ Tite Liner® pipe for everchanging and immediate demands as well as faster shipping time
  • Efficient end-to-end solution enables installation of more than2 miles of pipeline per day for some diameters
  • The system is backed through 30+ years of business with a proven track record of over 20,000 miles of the Tite Liner®system installed
  • System is applicable for a wide range of service applications –oil & gas, mining, industrial and municipal
  • Great for short runs of pipe such as well hook ups
  • Reusable end connection options provide the ability to install and reinstall end connectors to adjust the line as needed
  • PreFIT™ lined solutions for fittings, bends or custom shapes are available
  • Supports high pressure ratings up to 3,000 psi for couplers and 7,000 psi for flanges, depending on end connection
  • Quality controlled and factory installed application to ensure the intended design life of the project
  • The smooth thermoplastic liner provides outstanding hydraulic properties
  • United provides design and engineering technical support for your project
  • Supports up to 20 inches in diameter with our flanged spool connector

The PreFIT™ Tite Liner® system is compatible with Tite Liner System Flange and other USTS joining systems. 


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